Saturday, March 20, 2010

Amitabh Bachchan’s Paa look, Big B plays Progeria patient

Here is a makeup design I did for an Indian film. I did this design for Tinsley Studio


Here is a new class demo I did for GNOMON.

Some random stuff I found from my Archive "2"

The charcoal drawing was done for "The Deaths of Ian Stone", at Stan Winstons. The Demon chick was for "Killer Pad", at Almost HUMAN. The blue eyed creature was for Tinsly Studio.

Some random stuff I found from my Archive


These are some older ones. The Sleestack was for a Land of the lost pitch. I did it for Almost Human FX

I am Legend "Infected" designs

These designs were for practical makeups on actors. These were done for Quantum Creations FX.

Bedtime Stories Creature

These were fun!

Boogie MAN 2

Here are the concepts for the creature in the film and a mask that the Killer wears. I did these for Quantum Creations FX a long time ago.

Character and Creature designs for Games.

These are concepts for games that were canceled.

Old Scuplts

Here are a few sculpts I did back before getting into Zbrush. Haven't touched clay in a while. Miss it.

Orange TV Commercials

I did these for Legacy FX. This was pretty fun. The Alien design was a challenge. I had to get close to Giger's alien without springing a law suite.